Rodney Witherberry

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When Rodney Witherberry sets out to do his friend Greg a favor, he soon discovers it will have drastic consequences. A short animation featuring Rodney Witherberry.

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I didn't enjoy it.

I really didn't like the sadistic humor. Part of that is because of don't like sadistic humor and the other part is: sadistic humor is only funny in special occasions. This is NOT that occasion.

I was also confused with the story. What are you trying to get across? The characters had no back-story. Like when the flower was "cheating" it was hard for me to feel any emotion. Which if you want to have sadistic humor... you need to know a little bit about the characters.

The audio was O.K. You should maybe consider investing in better equipment if you would like to make this your hobby.

Now don't get discouraged, I can tell you probably tried really hard on this. Just try to improve on some areas that I mentioned.

not verry good

forgive me if i sound rude but i just did not get this, your animation was fine, the adio could use some work and the story just did not make sense. also the vocies all sounded kinda the same and all of them had no emotion behind them.

omg realy made me laugh!

only the sound quality could be better, maybe subs would maake itt better.


The person who made this is sad

its crap.

Have to say i didn't feel it. It was like a lesser attempt at trying to reach a level of strange coolness that david firth seems to come up.

Can't say it was impressive, the sound quality was bloody horrific and the animation style was pretty plain. It was just a crude attempt at something that doesn't deserve anything more than a 4 in my opinion.

Credits & Info

4.08 / 5.00

Jan 29, 2008
8:20 PM EST
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