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SalviaD-The Trip

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I worked very hard on this all day. This is a recreation of the first time me and kevin smoked salvia divinorium. It is a legal halucinegen that should be availablele at any local smoke shop. I dont know why its legal because that shit makes you TRIP BALLS, but only for about 5-10 minutes a smoke. The intro music is by Cyberdevil, the trippy music is tapis rouge le reveur by thievery corporation. I hope you like it! Leave a review!



it is good but salvia divinorum wont ever be legal in america.which sucks.


wasn't anything like a real salvia trip. don't get me wrong, that shit is completely fucking nuts..but you had no metion of the flat planes, the moving through dimensions, world changing around you, or little beings... idk man, decent to say the most

Pretty Good!

Overall this is a nice flash! Smooth movements, good graphics, and great choice of music, haha, keep it going!


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haha, halarious

What was the name of that song and artist? please PM me the info.

NICE! very solid.

What I want you to do now is look deeper into this. Besides entheogenic plants being "fucking sweet" they are also that backbone of our ancient sumar related religions. These religions worshipped these plants in a fertility setting ( penis, vagina worship) amongst sworn brethren. If you google dead sea scrolls, this, and many other american rituals are much easier to identify.


sound- very solid. maybe end the music when the preloader comes back on? so then to watch the movie again the music wont play until he takes the hit. Good job with the audio otherwise very refreshing.

animation: I didnt give it a high score becuase it was awesomely drawn, but moreso that it was very smooth.

keep it up make one for the holy mushroom I would like to see your perspective on it. ( I myself having never tuely eaten the "holy grail" )

Doing the "sage of seers" or simply salvia often leads people to intense changes of ones perception of everyday things that we always experience. Some examples would be wind, trees swaying, darkness, moonlight and just about anything that is rich in sensory actions.

I personally felt as if I could feel the exact angles of my body in comparing to my enviroment, the wind felt like a rushing stream of astral liquid trying to rush me away.( in my pajama's, of course. outside my friend's mom's house)

What you will ABSOLUTELY feel every time is a change in body temp. You will literally feel like your skin is on fire. ( but in a non painful way )

be careful and do it with a friend nearby so you dont faint and hit your head or something, such is a good idea with anything unfamillair to ones body. Dont be the next fucking idiot who gets salvia on runs into the street and dies and the mothers of america congregate and illegalize salvia. Please...(not the author, more directed towards stupidly curious 11-16 year old boys.)

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Bladefury responds:

Salvia is the tip of the iceberg lol. Acid was intence as hell. Yea, Im pretty familiar with the origins of modern drug use, its cool stuff. Thanks for the awesome review!

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2.36 / 5.00

Jan 28, 2008
10:26 PM EST
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