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God Hates the World

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Complete and total failure

Okay, I came in here expecting to get at least a crude laugh out of this, and I wasn't entirely disappointed. I got my laugh, but only because this was so poorly done that I couldn't believe it. It looked as though you grabbed a couple sprites, a flame animation, and a song clip and threw them together in about 5 minutes. Next time, if you're trying to insult people (or make them laugh, or whatever) at least take the time to do it right.


i dont want to come up with whiney stuff like "you hurt someones religious feelings" and stuff like that
but i guess even the sprites werent made by yourself
you didnt put any effort into this and thats sad because I like when people make fun about religion.

slayer sang it better

slayer-disciple ya the sang it way better and there was hardly no animation and for christians dont watch movies called god hates the world then write reviews when your offended.

LordZeebmork responds:



This is awesome. Those kids can really sing, regardless of the message. Y'all need to stop flaming stuff coz you don't like what it's saying. Anyway. The animation is, well, a little weak, unless you did that sprite yourself, in which case, not so terrible. I think you'd do better in the audio section. However, I'd hate for this to get consigned to oblivion becoz people think it's mean. Come on guys, a little cynical humor isn't gonna make it true.

LordZeebmork responds:

they're serious.

ima Wiccan

"offensive to most of america?" ok u gotta remember that the whole point of america is freedom of religion and expression. so dont review based on opinion of the subject matter! review on the quality of the flash. and if u care enough to say you dont like it because of what it says, then y did u even watch it? fundie asswipe. ok heres my honest review. funny as hell, but the quality was poor so i give a 4/10 ^_^

LordZeebmork responds: