Super bun!

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Hey there!

Just to start off things being this my first day joining, Ive submitted my first 'proper' flash. Although it doesn't seem like much, this took about three months work. It started off being just a simple animation as a practice, but I thought I may as well go ahead and make it into a movie. I do think I could of done much better on this mind, it does seem a little lazily put together..

EDIT: Cor, cheers for the positive reviews guys! I feel much more confident in myself now, and I may make a sequel in time.

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Even though you've moved on to even better animations, I just had to write this comment after I watched your first "proper" animation. It was definitely much better than the average flash animation. The voices were good, the animation, although not amazing, was smooth enough to be entertaining. It had some small comedy, enough to make me happy.

I just don't understand why something as good as this gets... 2.66... and something like a circle flying around on a white canvas will get a 3.89! Newgrounds truly isn't the best place to have good animations appreciated. Anyway, good job on this piece and your later animations! You're a good animator!


Man thats some master carrot... and why did you have to go and poison it Digdug guy?!
As far as the movie, you dont seem to like it but its actually really good. Make more; its a good origional idea.

Not Bad...

This is not a bad animation for a beginner. The sky scrolling loop was seamless and the word effects were not that bad. Overall, it was very gud.

2.53??!! NOOoo!! XO

This is great! Original, and funny, and you've really challenged yourself with multiple shots and scenes, and animated it well. Damned young punks! Maybe you should've put mario in it...


Wow, great work! lots of "lol" moments and the art style was fantastic. Moarr!

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4.80 / 5.00

Jan 26, 2008
10:53 AM EST
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