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Tetris Reborn

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Welcome to the next generation of Tetris, or at least and improvement over the last.

-Nice Color Scheme
-Grid To Asist Aiming

Recentely I became addicted to tetris again, here is my tribute since all the ones on NG I found I didn't like, enjoy.


Not a bad game

But I'd hardly call it an improvement.

Yes, the grid is helpful, and the color scheme doesn't burn your retina [always a plus in my book]

But the blocks can only be spun one way, and the score board is hard to read

All in all I'd say its a playable version of a classic game

Above Average

Well, first off I like the graphics of this. But this isn't a very good Tetris Flash. It's tolerable if you're a Tetris Junkie like myself but it's way too flawed.

No music is a good thing for me, most Tetris games have one crappy Tetris Remix looping over and over with no mute button. So I like the fact there's no music so I can listen to my own tunes while playing.

The Achievements is just eye candy. At first I thought I performed and awesome task and was rewarded for it, but then I realized those same two Achievement blocks would always stay there.

The pieces spin counter-clockwise, which isn't good for those who play actual tetris. It's rather irritating. I know some people have preferences about the direction so next time, try making an option where you can make it spin either way. That way when someone gets to the more challenging levels you can randomly change it to add to the challenge.

Also, the scoreboard is almost unreadable. That needs to be fixed.

All in all, it has bugs in it, but so far it's the best Flash Tetris on NG. That says it's half-good and it also says that all the others have to be pretty bad to have their asses kicked by this one.

I think if you spent more time on making one and took alot of the complaints in these reviews as advice for changes, then you could make an awesome Tetris game.

I don't downgrade people for not being original if they remake a timeless classic like Tetris. But it has alot of bugs.

One thing that would really fit is a scoreboard. So those can really claim their high score. Like most NG games do where it asks if you'd want to post your score, you enter your name, and it's posted on a site.

Good work, but I really think you could have done better if you put some real effort into it. I'm not saying be more original, just be a better programmer.

KHA0S responds:

Thanks for the great imput, It really helps, and I will try to fix the bugs.

another decent tetris game.

the only problem is the numbers that you can barely see, all i see is the scores were seen in half. so it's hard to tell how much you got while playing.

Decent Tetris Remake

It was fun, and the grid is a useful addition. It was a little difficult for me to move the pieces quickly.

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Pretty Good

I like the color scheme, and the grid was a nice addition. The achievments also made it so that it didn't get old. But, there were a few flaws in it. One was that you couldn't flip the tetris peices and instead were sometimes forced to leave a space open until you got the right peice. Also, music would be a nice additon if you make another game. On a final note, as others have said the numbers need to be reworked so they are easier to read. Other than those few things I enjoyed playing it

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3.24 / 5.00

Jan 26, 2008
3:31 AM EST
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