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[OISAK] Washing Machine

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To dirty laundry, my washing machine is the boogeyman. Fear it. Love it. Wash your dirty laundry in it.

PM me to join the OISAK, the Officer Is Super Awesome Krew, you know it's true, you know you want to join.

I respond to all reviews, so get reviewing.

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sweet washing machine but theres no animation

umm..... no secret buttons or anything?

dude this is the most awesomest!
its like. THE most EXTREME washing machine!
oh and whats oisak? can i join?


I give you no stars only because (though it's a sweet washing machine) there's really nothing too it. No music, no animation, no nothing. Try adding screaming dirty clothes inside it or something, just a suggestion.

Officer responds:

Clothes don't scream dipshit. They are but inatimate objects. Now washing machines on the other hand!

What the?..

its just a picture of a washing machine? i dont get it

Officer responds:

Just a picture? JUST A PICTURE??

I'll have you know it took us 6 days to finish drawing that, Because on the 7th day we would die. Bugger aye?

lol wtf

am i missing something? is there a secret place to click on to see a clip?

Officer responds:

No my good friend no you are not. The only secret place in this flash is your imagination!