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Breakball is a block busting game with a twist- there is no bat! You are the ball, and you must smash all the blocks and reach the exit. 30 levels of mind melting puzzle action.

If you can beat the levels in the game, then create your own with the simple to use level editor.

Go on- be the ball!

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This game is awesome!

Every thing's just perfect.

5/5 10/10

also check out my insane level

It's not impossible, just nearly impossible

<code starts here>

Pain in the @$$#Either you sit there forever, you die, or actually manage to weave through all of this!
it IS possible, I tested it
my best time is 183 seconds,
Can YOU beat it?
(pffft... I'd like to see you try)#138#249#19#sopapaaaaaaaaaeoaoaaa aaaaoaaeoaoaaaaaaammmeoaoaaaaaaamqmeo aoaaaaaaammmmoaoaaaaaaaaapioaoaaaaaao qoqloaoaaaaaaoqoqhoaoabaaaaoqoqkoaooo oooooqoqgoaooooooooqoqjoaooooooooqoqa aafoooooooqoqpapooooooooqoqboooooooos bppq#

<code ends here>

Thats an awesome new idea!

Breakout without paddle... Are you crazy? That's really an...................................
AWESOME IDEA! Nothing more to say about it.

Here's my level editor file:

Matrix!#You can use as much clocks as you want,
so USE THEM and be
precise! (Spacebar=Clock)
#60#30#1#tttttttttttttttrqrqrqrqrqrqt tooooooooooqrttrqrqrqrqrqrqttqroooooo oooottrqrqrqrqrqrqttooooooooooqrttrqr qrqrqrqrqttqroooooooooottrqrqrqrqrqrq ttooooooooooqrttrqrqrqrqrqrqttqrooooo ooooottssssssssssssttttttttttttttt#

great fum

ill be playing this again theats for sure.

good game

Nice little puzzle type game. Very good level design, challenging puzzles. The graphics seemed a little clunky, but they were well done. I didn't notice it until I reopened the game to check what level I got to, but the level select is nicely done, but again, a little clunky. The level editor was nice, but the box in the bottom right filled with 'undefined's and # when I tried to save it (glitch?).

Again, nice, challenging game... after 27 attemps on 'Slowclock Challenge' I felt I was done.
....whoa, was just playing around with the level editor... um... it's kind of weird to make the levels unlockable when you can just go to the level editor, open them up and select 'test'...


I used to play a game just like this years and years ago on my old mac! Did you play that, is that how you thought of this? What was that called. I loved that game, and this one is pretty good too.

Credits & Info

4.06 / 5.00

Jan 24, 2008
1:07 PM EST