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In august with mah leather jacket...


Navigate an endless maze of light and shadow...

Beat each maze by finding the light before you fade unto nothing. You can glide around frantically, or you can calmly map out the maze as you stroll through it.

My personal best score is 13

--20 unique maps
--Randomized texture pallets
--3D graphics

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i'm going to be honest, the music is beautiful but the mouse only controls suck.

um is it scary???? its not a stupid nonsense. i just dont want to see pop ups scares


It was a beautiful game, but it was extremely hard. It was far outa my league and was boring. =/ But I think it deserves a good score for being creative with a new type of play. I'm not a jerk-off who punishes a game cause they suck at it. XD
+10 Game
-2 Difficulty


the controles r sorta hard to turn while running but great game


lol i only got a score of 3 though... but this music sounds like it should be for something like "There is light in the darkness..." like a failed hope sorta game