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Hit the Dump v1.2

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This animation is meant as a humorous statement about a austrian right-wing extremist politician. And yes, the music is fading out now...


A game about Haider?

He was pretty popular in 2000...

Hmm, it was alright.

What you had was alright, it was different than most of the games in this style, which made it seem better, but you didn't really have many interesting options, I liked the bucket one and how you could take his head out whenever you wanted, perhaps it would have been better though if you dunked him for long enough eventually you'd see him begin to die or something. I guess the bomb one was alright, but it seemed a little odd, to see his head just blow up when there was nothing that made it happen. The tazer one was also alright although it was kind of annoying that you had to hold it down to see it work fully. The other two were the poor ones, punching him wasn't at all interesting, it would have been better if you could have punched him a series of times and each one had resulted in a bruise on a different part of his face. The custard pie was the worst in my opinion as it wasn't interesting at all, it didn't even leave anything on his face, really his face should have been covered in custard. It was still an alright game though, but mainly due to the fact that it was different than most of the games in this style.

Peace Out, Afro Stud


really nice

overall just good

Ooh,nice artwork.

You've got talent,I can tell.And you're wasting it for THIS?!?!?For crissake man,make something worthy of your skill.Otherwise you'll be labeled as(like most of the portal content) crap.I am not saying that you're bad at this,but PLEASE!!!There's already enough killfest in this damned site!Hey here's an idea,make amovie with that guy in the game.Make it long.Make it funny.And most of all...MAKE IT ORIGINAL!....that's about it.


how many clones does this guy have

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3.33 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2000
8:46 AM EDT
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