snowboard (unfinished)

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to see how people like this movie. if responded to well, I will finish it and make it great! if not, then i'll start over!


hey, it was funny

and i liked it when his head exploded. i honestly dont know how this is higher than 3 tho, because it's pretty shit animation/art.


this isn't bad, i mean, the stick did some nice move's, and it was bloody hell funny aight dude, so never let any1 say your bad, you just godda practische on the style, ps, im a big snowboarder, im going pro, i have 5 sponsors so that's why i give good grade's to snowboard movies, snowboarding 0wnz!, no im no nerd sitting 24/7 after my computer, 0wnz just osunds good =)


Im gunna agree with everyone else and say that this is the worst piece of shit i have ever seen on newgrounds. Sorry buddy, maybe Flash just aint for u... u need at least some talent for Flash.

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Powerguy-4000 responds:

Im gunna agree with your family and say that you are the worst piece of shit i have ever seen on Earth. Sorry buddy, maybe life just aint for u... u need at least some bowel control for Christ's sake.

Story Line

Dude, you need a story line. If this is your first submission, youve got balls. Half the people here who give people bad scores on their first submissions havent even sent in their own shit. Like i said if you get a story line you might be front page matrial.


Get a story line, snowboarders dying over and over is like having sex with your mom, after the first ten seconds it's boring as hell.
If there was some kind of story line, like they were in a race or they were in a comp for best trick, it would be better. It's got some potential, unfortunately your mom doesn't and no story line could make the sex any better.

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3.28 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2002
4:16 PM EST
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