Team Badger-Ep1 pt1

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ok this is the first part of episode 1, i have updated since 2 days ago! you dont
HAVE to listen to the whole tune but if your not busy please do as the
drop is quite good!! -
Im adding to the flash constantly so stay tuned for an update!!!!!
------------------------- -------------------------
--- -------------------------

um this is basically the come-abouts- of the leviathans, showing off my
team badger logo, and to put it simply a kind-of tribute to 20 seconds to comply,
by DreamScaper,

i fell inlove with this tune a while back, and wanted to incorporate it into an animation..

so yes, expect another one VERY shortly.. a day or 3, promises!

Thanks for watching, Peace,



like where your going!

i like the style your doing it in, can't wait to see some gunfights with zombies and other beasts, your sound effects are good too, not as shabby as most first time flash artists, id rate it on ability of the artist and how well they do, not necessarily on just how entertaining it was, only got the 7/10 cos i know its gonna get better and im gonna save the better ratings to give your later submissions true justice, but a 8/10 for effort def!
can't wait to see more!!

Pretty cool!

This was pretty good, and I loved the music. I can't wait until you put up the full version! (5 "W"s are Who, What, Why, Where, When)


The tune is awesome! Looking forward for more episodes.

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Tait0 responds:

Thanks, check the artist Dream Scaper, hes fucking awesome!
yeah tonight this vid will have another 1000 frames or so so check it out,

cheers for review,

Peace, Taito.

very well animated

the animation had lots of detail, i know you said the movie was going to be short but still it could have been so much better if you made it longer. Music was good too.

Tait0 responds:

Yep :) im 1000 frames added since submission, ill have it edited by tonight, please stay tuned!

thanks for review, Peace, Taito.

Not bad

It was a bit hard to understand, missing alot of the 5 "w"s and some of the animation could use some touching up, but not bad.

Tait0 responds:

yeah sorry its kinda like proglog's but what did you mean by "5 "W"s? sorry, i didnt understand, let me know what you think, im still currently improving, i have 1000 more frames since this was submitted last night,

peace, cheers, taito.

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2.96 / 5.00

Jan 22, 2008
10:00 PM EST
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