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TT: 002 Runner I

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EDIT: Yay! A place at the top 50's! Well, we can't get weekly because it doesn't count as a flash movie. Thanks for voting!

EDIT: Aw, yes! Finally we got front page! Tommy's first front page ever! *sniff* Thanks a lot, guys!

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The story of an awesome runner guy who is awesome. And jumpy. He travels into space.

Animated by: Markus
Story: Tommy and Markus
Art: Tommy and Markus
Music: "Stones" by Markus (made in Reason)
Obvious inspiration: MRAW (SillyStopSkateMation)

Made in iStopMotion.


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=D =3

this is awseom! that was completely cool. hey do you have any more f these? i wanna see another. i acutally smiled through the whole thing and my little sister enjoyed it as well! she said "wow! that cool!".


its like an all new fancy pants adventures but way cooler allowing you to see where youve been

Wow awsome man you need to be in the top 50

oh and havnet you wished a game like that with that type of trails ?

Running is awesome!

This is a submission so fantastic simply because you really have to think about all the effort that was put into this. I can not imagine all of the paper and individual shots that must have been used. While it was short, what matters is that it is simply so gorgeous to look at. It took me awhile to realize that the letters at the beginning said "TwinTrash" or whatever. Another great point is how there are so many funny sound effects used. You did not just do something to be flashy, but put real fun into it.

Really good

I think that this has been one of the best animations I've seen in a long time. Kudos to you. Ever thought of making a TT: Runner game?