The Escapeologist

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[EDIT] - Thanks guize for voating high, and aprreciating my movie, your awesome and you deserve to see part toom, cooming damn soon! Could there be a part three? Could this turn into a series? Who knows? I don't.

This is my second flash on Newgrounds, Justice Tips being the first.
Anywho, he'sm got files about the corrupt government's plans, and he is persued by the agents.


This is GREAT!!!!


Awesome Stuffs Andy. =]

That was cool stuffs, but i had to rate you fairly just like i do everyone else so listen up.

-It would of been better if it lasted the whole song.
-I know your a begginer so i wont moan about the artwork and stuff, but you should work on it.
-other than that you did a real good job.

I can't wait to see what happens next =D. i hope its as good as this.

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JusticeTeam responds:

Jord, it's gunna be better, here's a preview of what you can expect in the next episode:
lost document?
Agents chase?
Woah you never heard anything!

nice story

I liked it a lot, it had a good story, and felt a bit like GTA. Though, who was that girl at the end, it was kinda creepy D:

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JusticeTeam responds:

What girl? There's no girl.

i like it

its like gta+cartoons+linkinpark=awsome!!! this is goin in my favorites. some things to improve!

-animations are decent, but not amazing, if you improve that it would blend better with the music!

-last to improve, the motorcycle doesnt arc in air and the icon is wierd o_o

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JusticeTeam responds:

Glitch, it shall be repaired now!


Your preloader was great.

The movie was done decently-- I like the story, and I like your direction style.

Keep better track of details. For example, the motorcycle doesn't arc in midair like the cars, nor are the cars present for a couple scenes with just the motorcycle, despite the fact they were pretty close to him. Also, the cars were lacking wheels at first.

Spend a little more time on your efforts; you're doing pretty well at the moment, though.

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JusticeTeam responds:

I know exactly what you mean, however this was 10 hour challenge placed by my friend Medinus and Kalius, who are brothers and respectable flash makers. *cough* spriters *cough*.

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2.88 / 5.00

Jan 20, 2008
5:56 PM EST
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