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Tickles' Magic Pickles

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What an experience this was!

Originally commissioned for college, the brief was....well...pretty brief.

"Do whatever you fancy"

Unfortunately i didn't get they meant that only in regards to work ethic. Jump forward to 3 days before the college deadline and all I have to show for the holidays is a mean set of guitar hero blisters and a christmas induced perma-hangover.

Here it is, a few days worth of epic fucking ball busting trying to make something worth watching. This flash is my very first tweened effort, let me hear your thoughts (tho not the messed up ones plz)


Harry loves you

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Don't see me as a psyhcopath but when the guy screamed while he got electrocuted, I laughed a little


I want his laugh as alarm clock.... I woulf f!?ยง'n stand straight in my bed in the morning^^

I guess this was the first cartoon you made with the standard animation. You even had the "Play" button like it usually is. I'm so glad to see the cartoon that really made you popular here. I could kind of see where that second joke was coming from. It's still wonderfully executed, though. I love his evil laugh.

It seems like it will be lame and end at the first part. I am so glad it didn't. The voicework is great as well. I'm glad you didn't show any actual gore. I knew there'd be death of some kind in this.

funny im just glad it didn't animate the other pickle