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Well, here is my first as3 game. This is another game that has been much of a learning process for me. It's a simple brick game, but with a little twist added into it. Just play and see!


glitchy and lags

like others have said, the game has noticeable glitches, and i saw then right from the get-go, maybe update it and try and fix those, and i also noticed that it lagged a bit, which caused frustration when the platform wouldn't move and i would lose a life. Also i believe that the game controls would've been better if you could control the platform with the directional buttons on the keyboard. Other than that the game was pretty good, and it was pretty addicting. Try to improve on these things and maybe ill score higher, until then, 7/10 unfortunately.

Glitchy but addicting :)

Like what othe people have said, this game is quite glitchy and if you hit the ball in the middle of two bricks, it goes straight through and taking away loads of bricks. It gets more glitchy when the speed of the ball increases and it goes straight through the black blocks. For your first attempt of a game, this is really good, there are some games that have crappy animation that shows that the person who made it is a total amateur. This game doesn't have any crappy animation which is pleasing. I don't know what level I got up to because after level 10, there is only 1 number. Like on level 24, the only number shown is 2. On level 17, the only number shown is 1 and so on. All in all, it was addicting and it's a very good standard for one's first game.

The slow glitches

At first GlowBricks kept me entertained simply because I love a good clone of the original. However, this game was just way too slow and glitchy for me to want to continue after the third level. I would work into fixing that. If the game ran much smoother and it wasn't so choppy you would have had a bigger winner. Of course, the music was nice.

too easy, and then too slow

the movement was pretty lousy. but could just be the traffic. yeah, seriously, there was only one falling object? original akranoid had at least 7 or 8 and that was programmed with a fossil. good music, though. trance is not my fav, but its good stuff.

alright game

pretty cool. nice style for your first game. i didnt like the way the ball could get outside the stage before bouncing back.

hardly original being another arkanoid/breakout clone but i'd imagine it was more of an exercise in as3 than anything else. i'm relearning actionscript also, pain in the ass. try adding some new features/mechanics though.

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3.34 / 5.00

Jan 20, 2008
8:40 AM EST
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