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Phrozenflame RPG

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UPDATE (IMPORTANT IF YOU ASKING WHERE'S THE 2ND) it's right here http://www.ipstudios.lenz production.com/ just go to the flash page, also it's occurred to me that many flash sites are stealing the 2nd game (as well as hacking it HAX!) , if you care about it just play it though this link, we had to tweek the codes on the FLA since it reads 2 Swf files, anyway that is all

Director/ Animations: Eugene Chu "LenZ"
Battle script/ Special effects: Brennan Balukea
Overworld script/ Mini Game: Thavidu Ranatunga
Composer: Ivan Ether

LenZ: PhrozenFlame is our first collab rpg game by Thavidu Ranatunga, Brennan Balukea, and Eugene Chu. It's about a kid who woke up with no knowledge of himself. As he explores the outside world, he finds out the truth of his orgin.For more stuffs, visit our site at www.phrozenflame.com.

Aka the creators of EgoCity and Brennan World

Brennan: 2 Years, This Project was under work for 2 years, it's been always at the back of our heads for quite awhile now, this is a RPG that contains crossovers of Flash characters from the following:

-Brennan's World
-Spaced out
-Element saga
-Bonzai Bunny
-Newgrounds (Yes, the Tank appears)
-Kaos Productions
-and for this game, Original characters

For those who know any of these series will most likely know a face or 2, the Battle design was originally tested out on EC_Last Chance http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/338524 the idea turned out pretty well, and was put into this Project, it contains more attacks, More effects and more unique ways of Battle, I can honestly say that I really like how this game turned out for the RPG battles
and I hope you at Newgrounds enjoy what we all offer, as a gamer myself I want to say "Have fun :)"


Question: 2 Years? are you kidding me?
Answer: In Production wise, I'll say so, so let me explain, the idea was brought up on the first year, originally it was gonna be a platform battle game, but things got in the way with program and such, afew months Later I (Brennan Balukea) Tried to make RPG's as a Practise and was tested on EC_Last Chance, the result as I said were good, and later I oftered to help around with production, which was the end of the First, the whole Second year was focused on this completely, but don't forget, we also have our lives on the end too, such as College and Work, don't forget that, The game was completed Around Christmas, and thus is 2 years

Question: How come the Health goes over your limit and to Negetive when killed?
Answer: Because these are Dynamic text, those are in commands of Actionscript for letters or Numbers, I couldn't find a Guide or Tutorial how to Limit those Dynamic Texts, it often mislead me to the point where the battles wouldn't be complete, so it wasn't worth going searching for, but if anyone happens to find a Tutorial of this, I would Appreicate it if someone showed me :)

Question: Any plans on Phrozenflame RPG 2?
Answer: Good question, but I don't know the answer, the guy who planned this was Eugene Chu Since he's Director (Director in term is the Concept of Story or plot and writing for games, Movies or etc), I'm just the guy who did the Battles, but in my thought, I'd say the Ending leads up to open ideas, so I'd say, it could happen, but right now it's not set on stone and we got other plans right now

Question: This Mini Game is Freakin annoying!! I die and the bullets don't disappear!
Answer: You have Nightmares, Believe me, This Mini Game gave us nightmares just putting together, your lucky too, originally the score was TWICE as what you need to get (thank me later)

Question: it's kinda short..
Answer: did you check the size? it's about 12mb, how much more can we put in? besides, having those special effects take up space, don't forget the Music too, so would you prefer just one battle? I didn't think so


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internet legend

Short, but fun, good Game

I remember playing this when I was like 9, the nostalgia is hitting hard

I can't get the Newgrounds player to work, and I REALLY wanted to revisit this old gem...

Blackan responds:

Message Tom Fulp, he'll put you on the right path

It has been an honour. RIP Flash. At least we have the Newgrounds Player : )
This game has been a big part of my childhood.
I love this game with all my heart. If you want to help me remake this game please go
to their discord server called PhrozenFans. They are also
helping me with gathering old files to remake them to 3D models
with voice acting and a more updated Battle System.