Street Fighter Series pt1

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EDIT: Street Fighter Series pt. 2 is out check it out here at:
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/422146

Street Fighter Series is an ongoing project. At this time I am doing Street Fighter endings and fights animated in Flash using many different Street Fighter sprites. This ending is from the character Ibuki who is a ninja, and she needs to beat the powerful Oro to graduate from ninja school.

I notice that the opening is very long and in the second episode I will shorten that or actually make the episode longer. This is my first flash movie so it would be nice for some constructive criticism. I had to use a program to change my movie back from a avi to swf, because my avi was way to large to submit here (and like a idiot i deleted the .fla files), but I do have videos on other major video sites.

The music is Drop by Trick Daddy and That's My S*** by Ludacris.

Thank You and enjoy!


(title in work)

Like you said, the intro to this movie is far too long. You give a short intro to each character with their name and a nickname, but I honestly don't remember their names right after watching it, so the intro doesn't serve much purpose, especially since only two characters show up in the movie itself. The animations were pretty good. Smooth and all, but the sprites were very pixilated. Looked to me like you made this in some cheap Flash ripoff, but I could be wrong.

mortis5000 responds:

Yeah it did have to be redone so check out the newer version

"that wasn't bad"

the intro is way too long and you shold use sounds.
try to create something simpler and with sounds :)

Should have been more than just a fight,

The intro text was kinda cool. I take it that's not done in flash, but rather just exported to an .avi or whatever, then imported into Flash? Really, apart from the intro text, there's nothing that couldn't be easily done within Flash itself. And then the filesize would probably be a lot smaller and we wouldn't have all these visual artifacts.

The episode itself just seemed to consist of a fight. No sfx, so it was actually less entertaining than just watching someone play the game, let alone playing it ourselves. I was expecting a bit of narrative, a bit of character interaction beyond the fisticuffs.

I actually kinda liked the fact that you introduce the characters and the layout of the text and stuff looked cool in the intro.

Overall though, it never really entertained me.

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mortis5000 responds:

Thanks for your review

not bad but...

the animation and ''mixing" sprites need work

mortis5000 responds:

Yeah this was not my best one at all

It's OK

It is excellent for the first one that you have done, but the opening was very long (as you have mentioned) and the piece is heavily compressed, damaging it visually. I also didn't really see a plot, but I don't know if you were going for one, so I can't assess you on that.

To critic something accurately, you must observe the aim of the piece with how well it achieves it. I don't know what the artistic aim is really, so I can't analyse it, it just is, but the effort is there, so I can't fault you.

mortis5000 responds:

Thank You...this was a cool review

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Jan 20, 2008
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