Dance and death DX

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i'd like to thank the little poeple who provide me with hours of entertainment. if you dont vote 5 ima run u down with my razor scooter=)


Room for improvement

You should have put more time into this. It has style ya... because it was probably the most... wierdest thing ever. So, thats why I have style a 9. Sound, the music was a good choice. Humor, 4. It was wierd as hell O.O.

Even worse than the first Dance and Death

Why create Games???
As fun as it is to watch ur movies i think ill vote 0 on every1 of them everyday forever, because they are that bad!

Not good ..

I =REALLY= didn't understand what the video was about. Picture of a dog with a cat rolling around each other. Stick figures, didn't animate, talked about the Munsters.

Further, it started over without first cutting off the initial music so there were 2 musics playing then one on-top of the other.

Didn't make much sense.
Sorry. :)


heh, well...

The music was ok so I won't blam, I will give it a 1.

great song....

terrible video.

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2.90 / 5.00

Jan 17, 2002
9:56 PM EST
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