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Platform Tutorial

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A platform tutorial I made. This game includes an enemy with artificial intelligence, a dynamic camera that focuses on your player, a health bar, and ground. The graphics for the player and enemy courtesy of FazzleMan. THE ACTIONSCRIPTING IS EXPLAINED WITH //s SO STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT ME NOT EXPLAINING!

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wow good tutorial

Kwing responds:

Oh man this is old.


Really cool man! I've always wanted to make one of these! Question though... I know you told another guy that reviewed the code to attack... Well... Is there a way to attack and hurt the bad guy? And that the bat guy also has a health meter? I'd really appreciate it if you replied! I've been trying to make this kind of game for quite a long time! :D.

Kwing responds:

This tutorial is old. Look for my award-winning Platform Tutorial AS2 and Real-Time Battles for better stuff.


it was very useful to me, a "Flash noob" i liked it.

Kwing responds:

Glad you did.

Good tutorial, but some flaws.

My biggest issue so far with the script is for some reason, I cant have more than one object with the instance name 'ground.' It will only move things inside my first ground object. Are you able to do this, or is it something Im doing wrong? I might be able to fix it by repasting the script with a different instance name, but itll be a bit inconvenient.

Another minor flaw is that sometimes my character wont come to a complete stop, which isnt game killing, but a little annoying if Im trying to make a high quality game.

Aside from that, I really like this platforming tutorial because its one of the few with actual momentum (something alot of platformers need) but its kinda hard to edit since its all in one frame. And its definitely something I have to edit a bit.

Kwing responds:

You can't have two or more Movie Clips with the same instance name; that confuses Flash. However, if you want moving parts and stuff, you can create a moving Movie Clip within the ground Movie Clip.

I'm coming up with a new platform engine right now, but it's taking ages. It'll be a bit like Hoverman Racing, but hopefully a bit better.

I appreciate it...

...But i ask for a little bit more effort my friend..
Just a little bit more detail, and we will be happy.

It does seem like you know what your doing though,
but just explain it some more.

Kwing responds:

Alright, thanks.

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3.94 / 5.00

Jan 19, 2008
2:05 PM EST