30secShorts1: The busstop

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Author Comments

Well as my other parts for the 30 sec shorts series aren't going as fast as I hoped, I decided to present the shorts in parts. I present part 1 :D
Maybe if I finished around 8 I'll put them in one movie, ah well I'll see :)

First '08 submission :D

EDIT: Okay, as some people see this as 'spam'(I think a 0 means spam?) Okay, I have no problem with that but just give me a good reason? Why? Most of those people don't animate theirselves I mean how the hell do you dare to give someone a 0 without a good reason and animating yourself? I don't think you know half how fucking much time making an animation of only 30 secs cost.(3 days for 30 seconds, when I had vacation. School has now begun and it already costs about 10 days.)

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It was okay

It was quite funny.

Rutger responds:


Hm, I loved it

I really loved the animaiton. Especailly after he fires that gun and the flames kind of spiral out. And the whole sleepy way they try to kill each other ^^. Nice job...and don't get angry at people who leave bad reviews, us real reviewers have got your back, I'm pretty sure it's flagged as abusive by now. Ima go look at your other stuff now =)

Rutger responds:

Thanks dude! Glas you understand! ^^
Haha, I liked 'this way' of you too :')


what the hell?

p.s thats a good what the hell

i didnt really get it though

Rutger responds:

:) Two people fight at the busstop, and afterall they miss the bus. Just random fighting :P Thanks by the way :D

It was as good...

....as any other 30 second movie and it garnered a few laughs despite the primitive charachter animations. Liked it.

Rutger responds:

Awesome! :D Thank you :)


I like the music, and I like the way they fight with such laziness. "lemme just throw a grenade, I don't wanna get up." "I'll get a quick punch in, I don't feel like keeping my balance." well, I liked it :(

Rutger responds:

`Lol :P

Credits & Info

4.36 / 5.00

Jan 19, 2008
10:39 AM EST
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