Fruit Force 1

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Thnx guys.This is my 1st flash to ever get in.
Also i will get a mic,make the sprites better and of couse kill and splatter fruits.Also maybe add like 10 more fruits.If you give me good ideas for fruits :)

Lol okay this took me a week...Still a bit of time.
It's my 6th entry to NG (i think) plz make this number my lucky number!
Q:Why did i use computer voices?
A:Cuz fruit can't talk so my comp translated that jumpy talkie stuff ( i had problems translating cherry)

Lolz ok ummm...Enjoy...
Ng pwnz



wtf is a mic?

viliux27 responds:

A short form of Microphone ;)

Keep it up

You know, there are those of us that find these computer voices hilarious. I'm one of them. You should stick with them instead of putting real voices in. Just my opinion though.

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viliux27 responds:

Yeah there are ppl like ya, but i think that mic adds better quality and stuff, well maybe il' keep 1 computer voiced character (cherry, but with another voice) cuz i dont want my mom to come in the room and hear me say fuck and dick xD

Some problems... but still ok

Problems: The voice went faster than the text, only one or two parts were funny, the voice sounded annoying (it might be better without any voice at all), the characters were too small, no coherient storyline. Good things: I liked the part where the cursor picked up the cherry and dropped him on the ground. It would be cool if you made a battle between the cursor and the fruit force and have all the fruits get splatered in the end. Also, I didnt know hell was so small lol.

viliux27 responds:

OMG i hate internetz...The sync is good on my comp but it sux here :(
Also dont spoil the "surpise"

It could have been better but...

It could have been better, it was kinda funny but, your right, you need a mic, and better graphics.

viliux27 responds:

Yeah but i should make a good pitch so i sound more like a fruit xD

Make it a series!

I know you killed everyone, but this could be a cool little series. Just be sure to get a mic so you're not copying some of the many crews on NG. Nice work though!

viliux27 responds:

Could be series :)

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2.16 / 5.00

Jan 19, 2008
9:46 AM EST
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