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Xiotex Studios Arena

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Steer with your mouse and fire with your space bar. Watch your ammo though if it gets low bump into the green orbs to get more ammo. Shoot enough beasties and you get weapon upgrades.

Visti http://www.mortargames.co m for cheats that can be found in Arena!

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so it was entertaining

but that didn't last long...
too repetitive and kinda hard to controll...
but, I liked the idea and with more work it could be a great game!!

Space Invaders????

This is more of a cross between Missile Command and Star Castle. Does need more enemy variety bot solid nonetheless.

as alot of others said

needs work.


faster starting speed than the ai

because i got hit 1 time then i just got pwned by swarms of opponents

there wasnt a reason to play again basically.

make it so there is :]

wepons cool ones

more fxs

maybe a story?

marching morons

I'm glad that that AkillysE3 spotted this was a clone of space invaders

It's something I personally would never have realized.

Its only by having people like that with not only superior knowledge and intellect but a willingness to share that we can move forward as a species.

oh yeah, also you need a health bar and end of level bosses and power ups and giant mechanical spiders and a mute button and puzzles with an adventure story and helicopters riding nazi dinosaur ninja robot zombies with big titties.


you did a pretty good job w/ the basics of the game - movement, shapes, animation - but when it comes down to it, it's just falls short of the other games in the bot arena genre

keep trying, I look forward to seeing more submissions from you

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4.01 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2008
8:32 PM EST