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The Fear Hole 6 - Part II

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The "thrilling" conclusion to what is thus far the most unpopular Fear Hole adventure, a product of monumental procrastination that I originally intended as a Halloween episode. It will make ZERO sense if you haven't seen part one and have a general idea of what the series is about. Otherwise, it will make just slightly more than zero sense because my editing is probably a mess.

It's also not a very funny one, so you should watch the older episodes anyway!

Whether you enjoy or detest it, be sure to let me know what's really important:

...Favorite monster(s)?

Because I took the time to draw the bastards, I came up with idiotic names and stories for all 61 monsters that appear in this cartoon, which you can peruse at my site! Just visit bogleech.com , click cartoons, and you'll find the monster credits by this episode's description!

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I might too

heh heh


Assmantis?...Seriously? xD

As it was walking back into the portal (and before checking out your monster guide), I said "is it me or does that look like an anus?"

- BlindWeasel
- Iggy
- Molepotamus
- Ocularry
- Prison Puss
- and...

TURKEY TREE! That was from the previous episodes I know but it was simply awesome, bizarre and plain hysterical.

Great episode. :)




It was very good, but I believe who took Trasheater from "The Holy Grail" by Monty Python. It's good anyway

Scythemantis responds:

They look totally different to me, but then, I've seen a LOT of monsters with those eyes and teeth :)

Pretty good

Its like a 9.5 but there area lot of cool monsters here, and since you asked, I'll check the website and list my favorites: Occularry, Prison Puss, Trasheater, Mr. Twitch, and Blood Urchin were the ones that stood out for me.