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This is my prediction for the movie Cloverfield.

Now I may be totally wrong in this, but I think this is how it will all go down.

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we got rickrolled

J J Abrams isn't Jerry Bruckheimer... not everything he touches turns to gold. If Cloverfield was so amazing, where is the sequel? It surely didn't live up to the hype. Basically it was Godzilla in New York, but with jumpy camera work. I gave it a thumbs sideways... and this cartoon.. well... more than 3 but less than 5.


i got rick rolled !!!


Yea I didn't bother seeing the full movie of Cloverfield cause it wasn't at all that entertaining. This flash was a nice way of depicting the disappointment of the movie.

uhh... untrue

i thought clover feild was actualy prety cool