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Return to Earth: S.E.

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Author Comments

They only thing similar with this, and the regular Return to Earth (also by me) is the idea, and the levels. Seriously, I changed so much, and added a lot, like a game over screen, more ships, many bug fixes, new graphics, score, etc.

To everyone who likes this game: Thank you very much. It means a lot to me.
To all of you who don't: Don't worry, I'll try harder next time ;-)


Ship's size smaller
New Preloader (used newgrounds bar, changed the rest)
Added a "Click there before playing" sign
**Tried to make stars disappear for return to menu screen, game over screen, victory screen, ship selection screen, etc, but I couldn't figure it out yet. I will still try to work it out, but in the mean time, there is only 1 size star to make it a bit easier.

I officially started on version 2 which will have the following new features:

Time limit
High scores
Difficulties (easy, medium, hard)
New levels
Some new graphics
Moving planets
Larger size (instead of 400 X 550)
Some bug fixes (like music, and some minor things)
Possible unlockables
I'll try to fix the star problem

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I thought this needed a lot more detail. It looked like it was just a bunch of shapes that came off to a certain point. I understood how to get points. It was not rewarding at all. It really hurt that there was no sound. That's really noticeable in anything here.

The colorings weren't good at all. Nothing seemed to have real shading and it looked way too old. It really got hard with the level that had four of those red holes. It just does not add up to much. You need to have more detail and more variety.


Not bad, a little sketchy.

A few things to be fixed

I think you left the frame rate at 12, am I right?
Change it to 21 or so

Remove also the starry background, as said before, and maybe make the ships a little smaller.

Anyway, I can see you worked hard on it, so 7/10

ClubAlec responds:

Thank you for the suggestion. When I update this game, maybe tomorrow, I will eithor fix the star background, or delete it. And I will change the frame rate to 21. Also, I will change the ships to make them a tad bit smaller.

And thank you very much, am I glad you noticed my effort :-).


ten seconds later...

The background makes it difficult to read. Also once you fly your ship off the screen it won't come back, hahaha. Kind of pointless just flying around touching dots.

ClubAlec responds:

Black on white? Well then, don't fly your ship off the screen, and if it happens, click menu. And, lol, it is pointless :p, but so are many games.

im sick of people halfassin

it could be a good game but you should take pride in your work not just throw it together

ClubAlec responds:

DUDE, it took me like a month to make, and i will go back and use the other reviews suggestions to make it better.

Credits & Info

2.44 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2008
10:35 PM EST