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Author Comments

Hi everyone at NGs :)
Thats my first submission, so dont punch me in the face if something went wrong :>
I am from Germany, so sorry in advance for all that bad english.

The game was created for a contest that was about "creating a game for learning".. never sent it in ~.~
it was my really first flashgame.. but the only one which is totally completed. maybe i send in some of the new ones when i get them done someday.
hmm.. so PISA-defender is aimed for all my german "lightminded" friends :)
i dont know if u guys know much about it, PISA is "Programme for International Student Assessment", a worldwide contest for students. And germany was really bad at that ;D

Anyway i just translated the text to english and lost my fonts while that... so there it is... Arial at its best.

I know its less then 1% as good as the other stuff on NG, but i just wanted to take part in the community :D
now smack me into the ground

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This game...

like your help, was dodo.

Not much going on

I got bored after about 30 seconds. Never use the words "fun" and "educational" in the same sentence.

Good Trainer

It does what it promises, the translation is readable (more than I can say for a lot of other "lazy" translations), and it's fun enough.

It's very good for a first flash, and I'm glad someone decided to make something genuinely educational.

Keep it up.


Great idea for a game, and it was really fun, too bad it didn't have any music I'm sure it would've made it more adictive

It was actually not as bad as you made it sound ;)

Seriously, you need to stop bombing yourself. Do you know how much absolute garbage comes to the flash portal every day? Here's my review:

Graphics 5/10: Graphics were obviously not this game's highlight. Not inexcusable though, because there are plenty of excellent games with simple graphics.

Sound 6/10: At least you put some in.

Controls/playability 5/10: Not many controls to comment on, but it works fine. Only thing I got confused on sometimes was when you didn't get it right, nothing happens. I realized that,, then quickly typed in the right one (Which was right for sure) except it looked like 1413 because the game doesn't instantly erase it if wrong. This makes it basically impossible to recover from something wrong in time. Other than that they're fine.

Entertainment 6/10: It's good for what it was made for. It probably would help with training your quick math skills.

5,6,5,6 averages to 5.5 which rounds to 6. I'm giving you a 6 because it's your first flash and it is better than almost all "First flashes" I've seen. If it was from someone experienced, it would have to have better graphics and sound and fix the little problem I put in the controls section. But it was definitely not a bad try.

Credits & Info

2.72 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2008
2:45 PM EST
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