World of Lolcraft 2

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I made another WoW flash to keep practicing how to use the program. There were a few issues in this one that I couldn't fix. The most annoying of which is the Gnome who won't stop walking. =(

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i play alliance

but i tried out horde and they are cool and in pvp alliance always gets raped buts that because mostly everyone on al is 10-15 lol im 15 though but i know how to play and not to be a jerk also im level 70 >_< anyway the movie was ok but the messege is true

DahcYeliab responds:

Thanks for being cool about it, lol.
You're the kind of Alliance I respect, and this movie is certainly not talking about you.

Thanks for the review. :]

Not very funny.

It just isn't. There aren't really any jokes, and it doesn't look ro sound particularly amazing.

this flash is....

......effen hilarious,...great voice work too,....nuff said.

All true

Having played both factions since release, I have to say this is 100% accurate. I don't think that on my time on Bloodscalp playing Alliance I was once ever ganked by a horde when I had less then half life. Now being ganked by a ?? yes, which is about the same thing as being almost dead when attacked... but hey.

Horde is still better though, not because of mad PvP skillz but because of the Lorelol. Horde is actually the less evil faction when looking at the WC RTS. The humans were backstabbing and decietful asshats.

Good animation and I really liked this. Don't sweat the gnome who would not stop walking, I actually thought that was a rip on the game. A lot of times you see other toons in wow standing still but the player's feet are still moving. I thought you were ripping on that.

DahcYeliab responds:

Thanks for your awesome review! I am glad you see things the way I do. We're thinking the same things about WoW. Oh well, I still pissed off a lot of ally players, lol.

So damn true...

Absolutely right! :D Decent animation, good humor! Keep practicing, you'll get there in no time! :)

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Jan 15, 2008
11:50 PM EST
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