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River Ob: The Project 1.0

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I hope you all liked it

It was a school project for geography.

Took me blooming ages :p

Hope you like edvard too.

He likes you


I apologize for the trouble with the menu :(

Dont know what went on there


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This is really well done

Let me tell you Calum, being able to make projects like these got me through some tough assignments really easily.

Even though all the information contained in here would have taken up about a paragraph on a piece of paper, it feel like several pages worth.

Keep it up. I'm very impressed.

The music suits it very well. Where's it from?

CazmoV responds:

Hey mate,

Thanks for the feedback. It feels great looking back at my work here. As for the music, it is Angels & Airwaves :)


nice idea with this but shame about the menu hope u got a good mark for it lol

Love the Wooooo!

Enjoyed the toon narrator and the "wooooooo" transition. Shame about the menu and the sound quality.

CazmoV responds:

Cheers mate XP

Mmm, i know it is a pain with the menu, but i thought the sound quality was fairly okay. I mean, it might of had that annoying hissing noise, but im only a 13 year old student so =]



informative, true, and totally lame

I'm note sure what it was you were thinking when you made this movie, but as far as I know, not a whole lot of people care about the river Ob. In fact, you could say that nobody does, except maybe you.

Please understand, I'm not here to be a complet asshole, but this movie isn't the kind of thing that you normally find here on NG. THis movie kinda belongs in some sort of childrens website to teach about enviornmental issues. The movie is designed to be informative, but the gimicks are just to lame, i.e. when Edvard takes us to the river ob, and makes the weeeeeeeee sound, I sort of feel like slamming my head in an oven.

Your intentions are well noted, and I've seen wose styes of animation, but those gimicks and animation problems, along with audio that probaly came from hell itself, give you a very lame animation. It takes bloody forever to load, and the wait is totally not worth it.

Here are some tips to get better scores on this site. Consider who your audience is. A lot of us people on new grounds don't care about a dingy little creek in russia, so doing a documentry on that is not a good Idea.

Another good tip is to get ri of the overly cheesy transitions and animations. 8 seconds of WEEEEEEEE is not something everybody wants to here (even a baby hates the sound of its own cry)

If you make it informative, at least keep it funny. People don't mind learning, as long as they are entertained. Your topic is very interesting, but not very engaging. Keep your viewers alive, and they will respond in kind.

sorry if this sounds like I'm being an asshole, but i do it out of love.

or something


CazmoV responds:

Look. I appreciate this long review, and i know NG isnn't really for stuff like this, but i needed somewhere to upload it, to give the link to the teacher, he marks it. I thought you would realize that.

Sort of okay

Very interesting but it's not the kind of thing we upload. I liked Edvard but he stopped opening and closing his mouth too late. The menu was a large problem and the game didn't work (for me anyway). I think you should check more thoroughly next time before you upload. If this is a schoool project or something then I think you would get a B+ for it. You could do well uploading this to an educational flash site (no examples sorry) and I'm sure it would do well. Well done!