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What Are We Fighting For

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Author Comments

a battle for a small town

i did this animation over the course of a few months, spending an hour or two setting up and animating each scene during time that could have been used to sleep or get my schoolwork done and then leaving the laptop on overnight to allow the scene to render while i got what little sleep i could.

i am hoping that after watching this people will go away not thinking 'geez, that sucked, definately not pixar quality' instead, i just want people move onto something else while thinking just what are we fighting for?

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Finally, something non flash

Was ok, but much of the doll movements were not good.
I am glad though that I'm finally seeing some cool 3d stuff thats not flash. about time.
Also this was not bad overall.
keep it up I wanna see more.
Also even though the doll movements were bad in several scenes, this animating is very hard. So I take that into account.
But dont let this review put u off, I wanna see more please, I know u can improve greatly and u will definitely make great stuff, I just know, I can tell by the quality of this work.

raven9892002 responds:

thanks, its the feedback from people like you that make me want to improve and do more of these


Even if you didn't use flash, it was still pretty well done.

raven9892002 responds:

thank you, I am glad to have your support.

Not so great

Coming from a 3ds max background it was rather.... Iffy on what I should say and how I should review it. You had some goods and bads but mostly I saw bad. I'm sorry but I'm going to give you my honest opinion here. I'll review you as a 3d artist perspective because I've done a little animating (mostly modeling).

Your animation was... terrible at times. Max has a walking and running with the nice foot step animation settings. I realize animating in max can be a tedious thing but alot more effort could of gone into your frames. I felt it was rather lacking though.

Your lighting was good, I felt you did fine with that.

Your modeling and texturing was very simple. You could of modeled more detail and textured more precise but I suppose that wasn't the effect you were trying to achieve with this animation. Texturing is a pain and runs up the render time so I realize you might have kept it simple for the sake of rendering. All together some of your models looked imported (aka the gun and maybe the airplane) the human characters were iffy. You did fine other then that I suppose.

The animation in a whole was thought out and the use of camera was good. The idea of the animation was conveyed. Pixar quality is a pain to achieve and just all around long to render. I know from the past that making a 3 second animation took me over 3 hours to set up and render. To comlplete a full animation takes a long time as you stated. So I congratulate you on your award and hope to see something again from you. Don't take anything I said personally because I hope to see more of this on newgrounds. Maybe even get a section on the sight for 3d eh?

Good luck.

raven9892002 responds:

yeah, the gun and plane were found on turbosquid. good to see you like the lighting and if a 3d collection was added it would be awsome


I don't think this really qualifies as Flash. You used 3dsmax. Not that you have to use flash to make cartoons, but I think that completely 3d movies/completely live action movies dono't qualify as flash. Kinda neat idea, but this is more like a youtube movie. 4/10.

P.S. I thnk "we" are fighting so that others don't have to.

raven9892002 responds:

i know there are people that flash should be kept as only flash, but i just wanted to throw something a little bit different into the mix here. also, no-one watches your stuff when you put it on youtube unless it is called "stunt crashes" or somthing like that

Good, could be better

While an impressive technical achievement, perhaps you could have done better by realising that the characters were never going to look realistic and instead gone for a more stylised approach that would perhaps have been more aesthetically pleasing. If that was your intention then I do not lie you style, but I sense it wasn't. Also, although the camera angles were generally good there were a couple of terrible ones, especially the one inside the building just after the shot of the two men entering it. While the song is excellent and you did match the action (slow motion etc.) to the timing of it which I always admire in a piece, I did not think that the futility conveyed within it was sufficiently realised within the animation. Finally I thougt the ending lacked punch.

raven9892002 responds:

all these are valid points and i agree that this could have been much better. but this is what you all get to keep until next time

Credits & Info

4.14 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2008
1:35 PM EST
  • Daily 4th Place January 16, 2008