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Phantom Mansion- Blue

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Hector is over halfway through his quest now and things are getting trickier. The lavish Ballroom with its regal music makes him want to have a drink and relax. Unfortunately the only things to drink are nasty potions that will make him confused and hyper!
Avoid the accursed creatures in the ballroom and free the tortured souls from the clutches of the Red Death.

Don't have nightmares....

Arrow keys to move, space to pause

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Why don't any of these games work? Phantom Mansion Black is the only one of the games that actually works. All the rest just keep looping the intro.

The Fifth part in the series is a return to form

After a somewhat disappointing Fourth section (The Green Gallery), the Blue Ballroom is a set of deliciously difficult puzzles with another new twist: Confusion and perpetual motion potions. The Confusion potion isn't a level changer, but rather just makes you have to pay close attention in order to not make stupid mistakes. The motion potion, however, completely changes the dynamics of some of the levels. I personally enjoy it more than the Magic Lamp found in the fourth part, as it really creates a new type of puzzle to have to solve. And although the last room was a culmination of everything this section involved, I actually found the last few levels before the final level to be even tougher, and perhaps the toughest set of puzzles to be found yet in the Phantom Mansion series.

So far, the first five installments of Phantom Mansion have been excellent, and have managed to build upon each other perfectly. Here's hoping that continues with part six!

9 - Highly recommended

I say...

Make it better next time. I can see youve put some effort in and thats why im giving you a 3.

40 winks much?

its almost like a 2d, poorly done 40 winks if you've ever played it.

it was good

i kno how hard it is to make games, so i can appreciate a game like this. the other ppl who have left reviews hav not contributed so they can only critisize this great game.
i am very interested in the technique that you used for the over head movement.
i have made a game simular to this, but i use a different technique that has some bugs.
id like to see the codes for your character and see how they compare to mine, can u help me out?
try my game, its a bit crap, but at least you could give me a few tips.

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3.43 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2008
1:14 PM EST