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3 in 1 Games.These are the games that i'm going to use in Windows magi sp3.I think i can make more.
and dont forget to vote or review.


EDIT:-Its all my mistake-

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Didn't like it very much, possibly because:
1) Speedball is boring
2) You can access Space Shooting by right clicking and selecting forward
3) When there is the button blur, if you click on Space Shooting, then the screen stops
4) The pong game is too easy
5) The password for Space Shooting is Spacegame, capital S

Now, let's try to diagnose the 2nd problem:
First, enter this AS code to the first frame in a new layer:

/*new context menu*/
_root.menu = new ContextMenu();

that's it.


good job!

muhamed29 responds:


A little bit problem...

I cannot see my paddle when I play the pong game. If it is a bug, I hope that you can fix it as soon as possible.


lame , if you ure the enemy in the top right corner and score, you get easy points because the ball warps close to the middle (8 easy point for me)

If it were 1975...

A series of games that were awfully similar to each other. Straight from the Atari archives, come another set of Pong games.

Pros - If you are looking for that classic feel, this game will satisfy.
Cons - Tedious high scores to unlock Space Shooter, Speed Ball is Pong without a CPU.