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Eternalgam3r's Newgrounds

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Author Comments

*EDIT: Thanks for all of the comments and reviews. They are greatly appreciated.*

Following the 'My Newgrounds' fad... I made one of my own without their fancy video technology, mainly because I don't have the means to record video.

Anyways, I hope you like it at all. And yes it is supposed to be lame. It only took me about 2hrs and my wrist is starting to hurt a lot.

P.S. I'm not a depressed robot...

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That was great

Right on the spam and also y use microsoft sams voice?


You speak the truth (about spam on ng).

ETERNALGAM3R responds:

Gotta hate those spammers!

It's Funny, I Liked It.

where did you get the thing for the Robot voice though?

ETERNALGAM3R responds:

I'm glad you found my spur of the moment rant/video funny.

I used a limited program called Shittalker v1.2 and wrote every sentence out for the computer to speak it. Then I captured it through Adobe Audition. This manner is very tedious and a would probably do this another way.

If you decide to use voice like this I would be wary because people like the ClockCrew over use it to the point were people are annoyed when they hear things like this.

Hey its funny

makes me feel important but I know that I am not haha. lol.

Hey your games are great! ¿why do you say yo expect to get a 3.5 of higher? Its the easyest thing to do!

ETERNALGAM3R responds:

At the time when I said that I had submitted 2 games and each one of them had a score of around 2.6 and I wanted to get about 3.5 or higher. Then the 3 games afterwards got higher than 3.5. I just needed to find my style.

lol kind of funny

funny but whats with the flashing penis? i think you might have gotten higher then 3.5 with pushies plus. lol combustible kitty. you should make that as a flash.

ETERNALGAM3R responds:

The funny thing was I was in development with another game while making this video. I was hoping to get a higher score than 3.5 because my first two submissions before hand got around 2.6 ish. I thought I was cursed with that number. Then out of the blue came Pushies and I was surprised to get a 3.48 when I woke up the next morning. I took people's advice and made Pushies Plus 2 and to my surprise it flew to 3.7 and eventually got 2nd place the day after Pushies Plus got 4th. Only downside is that Pushies Plus is getting all of the attention and its not even the better one of the two. I would much rather have Pushies Plus 2 on the front page.

Credits & Info

4.03 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2008
12:51 AM EST