Super Monkey Anger

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So, I've been making flashes like this in black and white (Watch my other flash, Cheescake, Midgets, and Hats) and I decided to make them in color. Hence the joke at the beginning.

Oh well. This was based off me being very angry at the Wii whilst I was playing it.

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it's easy

come on this guy is lying, super monkey ball: banana blitz ISN'T hard. its easy. i beat this game in 2 days. thats how easy it is. he just suck at it. in fact, this super monkey ball for the wii is the EASIEST one. the earlier versions for PS2,Gamecube,DS,and Gameboy were harder. the wii version you can jump. in the old ones you can't. to get secret stuff in the wii version, you had to beat worlds without getting a continue( and it's soooooooooo easy to get extra lives), in the old ones you had to beat worlds without losing a SINGLE life. so don't let this guy tell not to get the game because he sucks at it. give it a damn try.

DaBigCow responds:

1. I'm not implying that you shouldn't get the game, it's a great game and I had fun playing it.

2. You can't jump on the Wii one, or a least if you could, I didn't know how

3. Fuck you, its hard


That is true


I really liked that.
I liked the drawings too. FUNNY FACES AHAHAH.
So true. That game is a piece of krahpola.

Fuck you monkey!

You basically wrote and animated a crude review for Monkey Ball.

Pros - The video is funny because its true.
Cons - Art

DaBigCow responds:

I like the making the art all messed up and such :)

I love those monkey ball games

I thought you were going to fail with this but you definitely didn't! IT was pretty funny and the drawings cracked me up. I want to play that game now :O

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Jan 14, 2008
10:56 PM EST
Comedy - Original