Raichu's List

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Took me 4-5 moths to finnally finish. it is my final project for school and i hope to get a good grade on it (i think ill get an A...idk) so send me a message, tell me what you think. It might make some of you mad, but i dont really care to much. I think its ok to make a movie like this because im jewish, so im sorta insulting myself half the time. so yeah, leave a message and BOOM tell me what you feel. Peace out!

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i had to rate it 1 cause....... raichu appeared in one scene..... ONE SCENE!!!!!!11! that's sad........ when the name's raichus list........ sorry......

That was a great movie

That was a great movie. I hope you got a good grade on it. One question tho. Why P90's??? Why not a Tommy Gun instead?


It was so good that it's almost like it was copied off of a real story


Well, I'm mixed... Firstly, it's an interesting perspective on the Holocaust.
I do feel pity for the Sematic community, however my own personal feelings suggest that perhaps an "evil at heart" Pokemon such as Mewtwo or Gengar might have been a better choice for the Nazis. Also, the video's point, is obviously biased from a Jewish P.O.V. which is understandable... but never mentioned the reason as to WHAT PURPOSE the Holocaust was carried out for. (I do know, but for someone who may know absolutely nothing about the Holocaust, the video is a bit lacking.) Off the topic of History... The actual video was done quite nicely, however the scenes were very slow, and the whole movie seemed to dramaticise everything, even the idle walking of the Jigglypuffs (Jewggilypuffs?) The audio seemed to match everything nicely, except perhaps the modern sounding War theme near the end.
Also the title, "Raichu's List"? Well, Raichu only appeared for a few frames... And Raichu is the evolved form of Pikachu, so wouldn't that make him a Nazi too? Perhaps (if Pikachus were still to resemble Nazis) then title should have been called "Pikachu's List"...

All in all, it was very intriguing, enjoyable, a tad long, and (like everything except maybe the Star Fox series, which I think, is Perfect as is...) definately had room for improvement. And that's from a guy who has German friends who are Nazi Descendents! (Don't worry... they didn't believe WWII was a great idea... They disagreed with the Nazi beliefs.)

Enough Rambling, I hope you keep up the work, look for ways to improve, (Play some Star Fox Assault) and graduate with top marks!

Pretty good

Ran kinda slow, but the animation was smooth. Loved how you used lux aeterna (sp), summer overture, whatever the hell that song is called from requiem for a dream. was that a remix, or did you add the vocal portion yourself?

Anyway, hope you do well on your exams. good flash, man.


deadly1018 responds:

Thanks! and it was the original song, though i want to remix it myself. and I got an A+ on the project, plus extra credit for the menu screen. so thanks to everyone who viewed the movie, and those who had supported me and Cris for our Flash. Hope to see you all when the next movie from Hyperbeam studios is released!

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Jan 14, 2008
6:27 PM EST
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