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Peter and his Sheeps

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I made this along time ago but I made it for such a long time my flash skills changed signifigantly through the production. I tired so hard on it and went over it so many times so long ago that its hard to diside for me what was what once apon a time. Enjoy! :D

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I like it!

Funny stuff! Prokofiev is probably rolling over in his grave though! :D

Eyelids-pie responds:

Well, thats what he gets for being buried inside of a cement mixer.

essence of awesomeness

lol, makes me laugh each time.
great humor, jokes at ever turn!

Eyelids-pie responds:

Why thankyou!
Im very glad you liked it!


=D exelent!

Eyelids-pie responds:


Pretty funny at first...

When the photos were used and didn't match up at all to the voice-over describing the real production it was pretty funny. It became less so once it changed to the use of the hand-drawn animations. I think because they were pretty bad, and it wasn't as discernable what they were, as when the pictures in the photos.

Eyelids-pie responds:

Heh, well I guess I can be preety lazy with my drawings! Thanks, ill seek to improve that.


I liked it, the pirate was awesome and the lip sync was quite good.
Work on the backgrounds and you've got something awesome going on.

Eyelids-pie responds:

Thanks alot buddy! Yeah I noticed the backgrounds as well, I screwed up the layers at some points and it was very hard to fix them.