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This was the final project in my Animation 1. The class was given free range to do whatever we wanted. I chose to animated a short story I wrote in a scriptwriting class.

This project was originally intended for video, so I had a hard time compiling this for flash because each shot was an individual FLA file which I edited together in Final Cut Pro. As a result, there are some graphical hiccups on the quicker cuts. If you have that problem, it seems to get resolved on a second play through.

All the art was drawn in Adobe Photoshop and the car was rotoscoped.

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Should I Be Laughing?

It might have been a serious moment but I can't help but laugh every time they crash. I'm not sure if it was supposed to be humorous but if it was then bravo because the timing was superb! "Hey don't touch that--AW SHIT!" CRASH! It was unexpected. Great choice of music as well, it really set the mood.

Done well.

It was done just as good as, "High Art". And of course, I already knew the man at the end was the devil; just by looking at his smile.


It Was Great

i Had Toi Watch I A Second Time,

But It Was Good.


I Didnt Really Follow,

What was Going On??


I Mean,

Who Was The Man At The End?

GCK responds:

I sorry it was hard to follow. My professor warned me that if I only did a segment of a script, it might come off that way.

What happened is that one of the characters died in the car crash; the man at the end was Lucifer (the devil). He has something "sinister" planned, that is why he smiled.

I think I would like to expand upon this animation, but I had only a few weeks to to plan, draw and animate it; that is why it was so short.


its looks good..would like to see more


That was awesome and good looking. Nice job, make more stuff like this. You might become a favorite artist.

GCK responds:

I'll try to make some more good stuff. I've got an idea or two I'm tossing around, but they will take a while to make.