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Tank Wars RTS 2(reloaded)

rated 3.65 / 5 stars
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Strategy - Real-time (RTS)

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Jan 13, 2008 | 4:04 AM EST

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Hi guys,
I've read your reviews about the bugs in the game and I've fixed most of them. (although tanks still can travel on water, you'll need a very processor intensive pathfinding program to prevent that). For those of the bugs i didn't fix I did not understand what you were saying in the reviews so could you please be clearer?

For those who'd played Command and Conquer, you may find this game very alike in most aspects.

RIGHT CLICK +Cheat 2: Make laser tank invincible
SHIFT click sets rally point.
ARROW keys= scroll
m = next song
ENTER= show the menu.
n=previous song
ENTER= skip the darn president's message.

This is the sequel to Newground's first fully fledged Real Time Strategy game in flash, Tank Wars RTS 1.5. In this game, you can command tons and tons of units (tanks literally), to take out and destroy the enemy base.


Take on the role of Commander and control the battlefield of tanks in this fully-fledged Real Time Strategy Game. Establish a base. Gather resources. Build up your defenses. Create and upgrade your tanks. Directly command your forces to destroy the enemy. You can even launch a nuke for devastating annihilation. There are so many million different ways to play and strategies to adopt,and it's all under your control!

2 part Interactive Tutorial.

18 upgrades for your units!

NEW 10 mission story campaign.Fight the powers of Europe head on. A misssion selection screen where you can select which missions you want to engage in to advance the storyline.

NEW Ingame Electronic Voice lieutennant which announces events in the battlefield, from "base under attack" to "you are victorious"

NEW Voices for your units. They will reply when you give them orders or select them. Courtesy of Westwood studio's Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun.

7Skirmish mode maps.

5 Different Skirmish AI strategies to choose from: Offense Commander, Defense Commander, Technology Commander, Superweapon Commander and Economy Commander.

6 different types of tank including the all-powerful prototype laser tank

6 structures and 4 types of upgradeable turrets (including mines)

(note: this is not tank wars rts 2.5. Its still Tank Wars 2.0 but with most of the bugs fixed)



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Large improvment...

>The game is playable +1
>I can understand how to play +1
>It's easy to understand. +1
>It is very unqiue. +1
>Much better storyline than the last one. +1
>The music could be better. +1/2
>The game isn't too repeatative. +1/2
>the animation is really pretty smooth, but could still be better. +1/2
>really much easier than the previous verzion. +1
>There are still several glitches in the game that prevent it from being perfect. +1/2

In the tutorial: The map is blank when you run your mouse over it, so you can't click it. It would help if you put a signal or marker ON THE MAP (assuming you can click it of course) so you don't have to scroll around the entire map looking for the objective. Is there a way to exit the tutorial?

The HUD: I recommend a place that is out of the way but is easily accessed like the side or the bottom. Make the game screen smaller so I don't have to keep using the arrow on the bottom of the screen. Get rid of the arrow and make the HUD always stay on the game screen like in Starcraft and C&C.

Glitches: I'm glad you got rid of the negative bars, thank you. On mission three, where you must defend your base, the enemy never comes and the timer always stays at zero (big problem can't play the campaign). Good, you fixed the wall glitch in which you can glide through walls.

Gameplay: Thank you for getting rid of the friendly fire, I was getting tired of seeing my units dieing more because of friendly fire than enemy fire. The controls are very simple, yet annoying. the scolling using the mouse and keys makes perfect sense and works most of the time. Deselecting your units is troublesome. Why is it space? I would consider making the game automaticly deselect units when you select another group of units or click open ground. If you can't live without making deselct an action, then I would hope you'd make the key right click on the mouse. Right click is easily accessed and can be used rather quickly in a pinch.

Someone tell me if I am missing anything,

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


i keep getting stuck in the tutorial>< at the scatter part, suddenly i have to know that there's a whole bunch of guy to the right of me (there is no indication where they are except for 2 arrows which are visible for ahalf a second, and then i have to move to the location "specified" which is not specified. i can't skip with shift as normal, so i kinda don't know half the game


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Game is good, but why d your units move while they attack? I kept losing my units to friendly fire. And the tutorial doesn't work properly, it won't go past the unit formations screen.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


U know make mor units like a flying tank or fusion tank or something better keep up ur work


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Better, but not quite

The fixed bugs certainly made it better by 150%. But merely fixing bugs isn't enough. Although now I can actually go through the tutorial, I notice a couple of things from the unrevised still here, and need to be addressed.
1-Menu.No really, it stinks. The tiny little arrow sticking out isn't helping, and the menu's buttons need shortcuts. Information given by the menu doesn't really do much. And i want to be able to DRAG my windows! The music player can be in a corner, not in the middle of the viewing map.
2-Selection.If i click a unit, that's fine. But if I highlight it when I already have units selected,how come the selected unit still moves? And this applies to a lot of things i click using the mouse when units are selected: the music,other units,etc.
3-mapping.I don't know how you thought of this, but you need the mouse to play right?And you control your view with the arrow keys right(panning with the mouse is wayy too slow in thie game)?So how come the deselect button is space?If you did w,a,s,d format, or let us choose what keys to assign(for personal prefereence), that would be much better.And hotkeys need to be made. Not grouping units, just simple ones like sell,guard,scatter,etc.

That's about it. This was much better, but still a LONG way to go. Other suggestions can be made, but this really leaves much to be desired. If you can make better menus, that would be a great improvement!