rupeeclock buys a niggour

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You see that blob of purple shit there? Thats a ghost!


Love the randomness and rock music

I don't really like it.

Well, that is okay but I realy see no idea there, there's just someone in a UFO than heavy metal. Was that all? I know you can do better than that.

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MilfredmousZX responds:

i milked a niggour yesterday

bad flash

I don't like loops, so you get points off for that.

Your intro was better than the flash itself. That's never a good sign. It proves to me that you have the talent to make decent flash, but you're not using it.

The overall quality of this film was terrible. You drew hexagons with clocks in them. The clocks weren't even moving. I know you can produce a background and maybe a story, but you didn't. Please try harder next time.

For additional advice on how to improve your flash, feel free to look at my latest news post.

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A loop with music.

Its just some clock things moving around. At least it had a good intro thing.

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And i thought this would actually be interesting

That was too short for my liking, and, i'm not quite a fan of random clockcrew flashes. It was just really boring also. And that is why i give this 0 clocks............. out of 5

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1.85 / 5.00

Jan 12, 2008
2:54 PM EST
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