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This is my first sci-fi movie ever been made into flash or any other sites. Some say it got the flavor of Halo and Star Wars, but I called it Morsel.

Worked on this for about 3 weeks, and finally finished it. Contain 56 seconds of decent fight scene(s).
Enjoy !

Please write a review and vote wisely!

Author Keyword: Haizeel, Muslim, Islam, Melayu, Malay, Malaysian, Malaysia, Allah, Asia

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Animation is choppy

The storyline is pretty bland, but the humour makes up for what is lacking. Animation is choppy, but I've seen them get better in other Haizeel Hashnan flash movies. The ships in the sky all look like keyholes, more variety should have been used. I did notice that they actually move a little, well done! The voice acting is above adequate and fits all the characters. The music really sucks for the setting though. Some futuristic techno or something a lot faster should have been used, for the fight scenes. Slow "Classical" was not a good choice.

Keep improving! You're on my fav list Haizeel! I look forward to all your work!

akoRn responds:

Thank you. I will keep on improving for the sake of my own! LOL

Okay but not great

The animations choppy, but i want to see more. I assume all you need is more flash practice. I really liked it and i hope you make more better ones

akoRn responds:

Thanks for the review. I will try to improve from time-to-time, thanks


honestly, a little long i thought... but good storyline and good drawings! The sound was a little off and the actual animation graphics weren't the best - maybe thats how you intended it... but overall great job!!!!

Pretty good job!

Only one problem, and it may have been my slow computer, but the sound brcame out of sinq with the animation as it continued other than that great job!


Wow this was a very well made flash. There is nothing you could possibly fix in this but my only suggestion would be to make the main characters voice a bit more meaningful by changing the tone of it as the situation gets worse because throughout the whole flash his tone was all the same. Still keep up the awsome work! :]

akoRn responds:

I asked the voice actor to make the character sound un-nervous. I wanted to make the Sylinx the type of guy that love to fight, yet has low-IQ. =]