Mortal Kombat: GOH

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One day, me and my best bud, Mike, were at my house waiting for my mom to get off the wii. She said she was gonna play for another couple of hours. Frustrated, we got on the computer. Then I remebered I hadn't told him about SSW, another flash submission of mine. I showed him, and he laughed. Then I told him to look at the author. He knew that Arashi was alias, and was surprised I made it. He wanted to know if we could make one while he was there.
Hours went by and we came up with the basic idea of MK:GOH. So we worked hours on end and I had to continue production when it was time he left. He did the voice acting for Scorpion, Gur, and the fat guy. I did the voice acting for Sub-Zero and Reptile. I hope you enjoy what our twisted minds have created! Please don't critisize too harshly! I'm only a beginner with the program!
I noticed the error on the credits. I need to go back and fix it, but I'm tired. I'll fix it later. It say "Michael Garrison" and "Now here is your surprise".

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yeah repetitive

and.... it was good until i hear your GOH i prefer the scorpions original

very excelent my friend!

good concept neat voices excelent flash!

mkkrazy ;D

LordArashi888 responds:

Glad you like it!


you had a good idea, but it lacks almost everything.

LordArashi888 responds:

I know, right? People all start somewhere...


nice its quite funny and i also liked the part when ermac sub-zero and reptile saying
subzero,ermac ,reptile:dont u wish ur gf is hot like me
ahhahah funny nice vid hope u make more

LordArashi888 responds:

Oh man... It was pretty epic at the time. Now I can hear the little chipmunk-sounding voices everywhere... -shivers-

Good =)

I think it deserves more than 2.32 Because its really good for your 1st flash dude! 5/5 10/10 =)

LordArashi888 responds:

Hey, thanks man. Glad you thought it decent.

Credits & Info

3.31 / 5.00

Jan 12, 2008
12:25 AM EST
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