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human after all

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Author Comments

...not very well done. in a few parts, the screen goes white. and at the end, it goes all white. very sorry.

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I know this guy is most likely long gone by now, but he seriously needs to make more of these.

this is literally the first time i ever heard Daft Punk, was in this video/Flash. I liked the way that the animation was presented, could have ben more done. otherwise, good job!

I was thinking.

I said, "Why not give this guy a heads-up?"
So I am.

Well, I really like your style of animation. I'm a big fan of frame by frame and I completely enjoyed the beginning. The only thing I could ask is maybe make a pattern in the background of the beginning to kind of stray away from the white.

Later on, I saw it started getting a lot slower, and a very different style emerged from it. I was kind of turned off by the fact that you slowed the animation down instead of leaving it like the fast frame by frame animation that it was in the beginning.

Some suggestions for the white spots. The first one, I could easily say add some animation, but I won't. Maybe just add some bars going up and down in sync with the music. I think that's a good time waster.

As for the second one, or the end, I would suggest possibly a credits sequence. This would just add to the basic quality of the end instead of having just white. A credit sequence is as easy as this:

Take the text tool about as wide as the animation and center it. Next, add different face styles like bold/underline for the heading, some extra size on words and such. Then all you have to do for a simple scroll and read credit sequence is place it on the central bottom of the animation and make a frame at the end of the song with it at the central top. Make the first frame, where the central bottom part is, a motion tween, and it'll scroll no problem.

By the looks of it, you're a really talented animator. You have the potential to be as honored as famous animators I won't name. All you'd have to do is put a little more time and effort into backgrounds and just art in general.

Of course, it's kind of hypocritical for me to be saying that, considering the lack of effort in my first three animations. Of course, I don't have much artistic potential at all to make mine as good of animations as this.

What I'm trying to say without talking about myself here is that if you toy around with Flash a little more, you could possibly turn out to be famous on NG. Of course, don't get too good. You'll have some jealous kid asking if he can touch your tankie. :P

Anyway, as for the actual quality of the animation:
I really like Daft Punk. I'm not a big fan of the Techno/Electronica genre, but Daft Punk really does it for me as artists. The animation itself was lacking in instances such as backgrounds, plot, possibly reason. Overall, however, I can say this. Let's see if I can remember the old rating scale.

Animation: The animation was nice. It was lacking, but overall fluent and enjoyable at first. It later became slow, however increasingly detailed nonetheless. I liked the animation, looking forward to more from you soon enough.

Sound: As I said before, the music is a good point for me, as I really like Daft Punk. The sound was fluent and clear with no breaks or static. This is pretty predictable though, considering it's not, well, recorded by you.

Originality: The animation is very original. I can say this because not only haven't I seen many Human After All videos in NG, besides the most recent front paged one and this one, I can say this is original. It is completely different from the latter, and is a very nice animation overall.

Violence: I have to say that there was no violence. I suppose the guy falling can be considered violence to some extent, but there wasn't any besides that. I like that, because it just shows that an animation on NewGrounds can be good without being a cheap laugh or a tasteless parody of something somebody else put effort into.

Overall: It was a very nice animation. I wish I could see more from you but you currently have only one more animation. I'll be very happy to watch that next.

I hope you enjoyed reading the review, considering it's a long one. When I'm done with it, it'll have about 4,000 characters in it, considering I'm pretty much using the whole review space.

Wouldn't it suck right now if my power went out and my whole review went down the drain. I'd be seriously pissed off, but then I'd just watch the video again.

Thanks for reading it,

nice work

im a huge fan of daft punk and this is one of my fav songs.
your a really good animator a u should keep making more music videos but first try to fix the blank bits and u shuold also add daft punk in it.


dude that wos an ausome flash i luv yor style i cant believ uve only got 2/5...maybe cos its not finished or sumthing... but that wos mad MAKE MORE FLASH MOVIES LIKE THAT ONE!!!!

Credits & Info

4.49 / 5.00

Jan 11, 2008
6:19 PM EST