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Delusions Of Reality

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Made by Brandon Perdue with "some" help from me, so send your hate mail to him.

Lots of people were asking about the concept, it's basically about the way we see our own reality, what makes us who we are (a good person or, in the case of the guy in the video, a bad person). The things that add up to the whole. Also, that we all really need to study our beliefs and see if they are part of our reality or just something we have been told to accept as real (this is why the Angel/Devil scenes are stick figures and the rest is a bit more realistic looking). There is a bit more to it but I like people to come away from the movie with their own ideas of what it said to them.

-Brandon Perdue

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i don't understan this movie. i'm a kid!!!!!

This movie has a number of philosophical meanings

I agree with PowerRangerYELLOW
This movie shows us our reality against what we consider salvation, and whether there actually is any. It can be interpreted in a number of different ways. It also shows us a christian point of view on life. The movie is possibly based around the guy with the third eye at the beginning. Just before his life ends he inhibits an all-seeing third eye, where he is presented by a flashback of life; things which we consider either good or bad. It also shows visions of hell, whereby devils are killing an angel (in stick-form to show that it's not infact reality), and also angels killing a devil. This inturn contradicts our belief of what good and bad really are. The cutting of the wrist, blood dripping down could show that it is neither good nor bad; and the gun suicide could show an exestentialist's point of view, and the subjectivity of life - is it even worth living?

Very artistic and makes you think

This is very underrated but i doubt most of the people on this site will understand intelligent artistic statements such as this since our short attention spans demand instant gratification.

The fact of the matter is that most of the kids here are not gonna get an artsy movie such as this to fully question there own fabric or reality.

To all the people saying the creator of this movie should seek help maybe it was us who instead gotten help off of him.

He's just showing us odd imagery of what some of us may consider to be reality and it is up to us to put two and two together ourselves.

He's not trying to change your mind.

He only wants you to think for yourself and not accept nor reject some tidbit someone told you about an afterlife or whatever.

In other words.

This is a great artistic statement by a philosopher here.





Well, it was definatly interesting, but i think you could have expressed more in it. Good job though.

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Jan 16, 2002
12:16 PM EST