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i like pizza

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i liked this, it flowed well and your drawings your good too with the humans the most and the colour style gave it something more, not sure but it just felt really good, also i liked the music, it went with it really well :)


reply to authors response below me

but hes driving and striving and hugging the turns and thinking of someone for whom he still burns. HES GOING THE DISTANCE!

FreekC responds:


she's all alone

all alone in her time of need


I like the message and music that was brought out in this piece, you definitely have a good eye for movement as proved by the animated intro and body outlining.
your actual art however has a lot to be desired, and I feel the elementry like scrawlings detract from an otherwise powerful message.

FreekC responds:

the sun ahd gone down and the moon has come up

and long ago somebody left with the cup

Interesting Style

The artwork and way you created it was interesting, It is pretty, Could work a tiny bit more on the shapes and movement of the Characters/Environment though.
Besides that i applaud your work. Congratz on the reward!

I think...

...I think it was pretty