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Hack and slash your way through 15 stages of greek warriors.

Violent game containing decapitations, impalements, knee breaks, leg chops etc.


NOTE: Just to clarify, the enemies armour doesnt increase each level, and they dont get quicker or better weapons. The only thing that increases is the difficulty of the AI

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Finally! A version of Achilles that saves your progress! I remember playing this on Kongregate, it was a nightmare! I made it to level 3, and it didn't save! My only problem was if you got surrounded...Then, you're basically dead. :(

you definitely get 5 stars even though there's no pause button which makes it hard to play at work ;) you should really consider making a career in game making if you haven't already because this game is really well crafted as far as strategy and game rules.

when you beat a chapter, how ever many lives you have at the end allows you to retry the next chapter with the same amount, so try to end every chapter with 5 lives to carry over.

most bosses can be defeated simply by spamming well timed kicks expect the final boss which is immune to kicks, make sure you fight him with many lives and when you respawn spam sword attacks while you're invincible.

enemies spawn based on how much you move so keep that in mind if you want less to spawn at one time.

DON'T always pick up spears right away the sword is very powerful, camp near spears and use them when necessary (I only use on sword enemies) by walking back and fourth to make enemies spawn.

a well placed jump attack, power attack, spamming kicks, or spear throw can mean the difference between dying and survival, plan accordingly for what ever the situation requires.

don't however, rely on one method of attack, its much harder to succeed if you rely solely on one form of attack, make sure to diversify for lethal combos.

DJStatika responds:

Thanks! This game was the last one I made before I went full time dev, about 5 years ago now I think. Make sure you check out "Achilles 2: Origin of a Legend"

weird I died with a straight sword then it magically turned into a curved sword

fix t it isglithingit eater makes ejup l the time o walk backwoods or kys arestuck

It was an awesome game, the only thing that it needed was a pause button.

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4.25 / 5.00

Jan 10, 2008
6:06 AM EST
Action - Other