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XXXI 1 : Outcast

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This story is about two warrior, who help each other on their way to a free-capital city, Prouk Province.
There's two main charcter in this series :
Tandas, a young khajiit skilled blade and Mogrin, a hybrid of khajiit and jackal who is master in the art of the spear.

Before I end my comment, do give the people behind this project, without them, I cant be here to submit this awesome submissions!

So, we would be very appreciate & honoured by the REVIEWS and VOTES by you...
We need your support so we can improve in the future! TY

Keywords : Outcast , XXXI , Fight, War, Rebels, Jackal, Hybrid, Blade, Sword, Shield, Evil, Lord, Khajiit, Bear, Hunt, Spear, Forest, Fish, Camp, Fire, Refugee, General, Tandas, Mogrin, Sam, test, Alliance, troopers

Author Keywords : Haireey Hashnan, Ery, Malaysia, Penang, Bayan Lepas, Muslim, Islam, Melayu, Malay, Hutchings, Chung Shan, Heath Bellemore

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I reviewed the second movie first because I wanted to see if it improved from this one before I reviewed this one.

There should be some quiet background music when the "storyteller" reads the opening story. The recording should have less base and more treble. The quality is not terrible for the voice, the ambient sound is excellent with the exception of the carriage. There was no need to have it last so long either, that is irritating.

I won't comment on the graphics since they have already improved in the sequel, Battle at Prouk.

Man i Feel Weird

I Dont kno the Code So I Really can't Wacth It

yeah nice try

i can draw woif and fox ppl fast as welll as horses....sry stick to anime....spareing

Good try

I liked that it had a story, but it sounded like a bunch of ten year olds, and that got on my nerves after a little while. Also, the wagon sound could use a little revising. It was a great concept, but the audio is mostly what killed it. Also, some of the animations didn't look fluid enough, like with the bear, it just fell, animate in a wound on the bear to make it look real. And, the horses moved a little, well, I don't know how to put it, stiff? The knees didn't move on the horses either.

Things to fix:
-Voices that sound like adults.
-More fluid movement on the animations.

Things done well:
-Character depth

Well, Ummm...

The Art Was Great For An Early Submission, However The Animation Was Iff-y, And The Wagoon Sound Almost Drove Me To Suicide. But The Plot Was Good And I Did Sorta' Like It...

However I'd Like To Know Where Exactly You Used MY Song: 70's Disco ?

Blakant responds:

Well, its in the Secret Keybutton...
U will get the secret after the Credit