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Lil Hop: Forbes 1-2-3 BDC

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The last cartoon I uploaded performed about as well as I had expected, so now I know what's gonna happen with this one. I don't mean to sound bitter but the next two paragraphs will explain what I mean. The cartoon speaks for itself, and if you really like it I'll be happy to chop it up with you in the comments or PM.

When I made my last cartoon and only one person liked it I really understood what I meant all those times I wrote "as long as one person likes this I'll be happy"... because that's exactly what happened. I learned to appreciate the one fan I could probably make, instead of the 200 messages and comments you see about people telling you you're the best artist on newgrounds and they want to collaborate with your creativity.. then go on to say that same rap to the next featured artist.

What I'm getting at is I know there's somebody out there who's tried to take a stab at animation or films or game development or whatever, and things didn't go exactly as they'd hope. It's hard to bounce back from discouragement like that. I'm just here to show ya can't give it up like that, and you got to appreciate each individual fan because they really do matter. RavilMelling, this one's for you my dude.

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Cute, and yet so stupid. Still really cool and awesome!

very cute

the animation isn't entirely run-of-the-mill. i don't know why it wouldn't at least get a little chuckle out of somebody. hell, i don't even really know the people in the cartoon, and it still made me smirk (heh, buoy).




This was nice, something different and fresh. Keep it up.

StupidDream responds:

It's crazy how I always have one person telling me my animations are different. I really wouldn't say so, I think it's a pretty run-of-the-mill cartoon. I guess the subject matter is new though, which I think sucks, cause if there were more hip hop cartoons on newgrounds I would visit here often.

Nothing great.

No offense, but it was pretty bad. I liked the part at the end with Lil Wayne but that was about it. I didnt understand what was supposed to be happening.

StupidDream responds:

At least you knew who Lil Wayne was. What do you mean you didn't know what was going on? Do you not know about the Forbes list and who is at the top for most paid entertainers? If you're clueless then do ya research, come back, and you might understand some of the jokes better.

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4.29 / 5.00

Jan 8, 2008
11:50 AM EST