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Elliv Island dating Sim

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Explore Elliv Island and find the girls there. Find the girl of your dreams and date her.
Girls can be found at the moutain or the beach or other places, it may take a while to find one.

You have to improve your stats up to a certain extent before the girls will talk to you.

All credits are in-game.

Please don't rate if you just don't like dating sims.


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i don't like it but it haves potencial

trash kid

umm.. it's okay, I guess...
It's basic and bland. It's not really special and the ending was pretty... bad. :/
Although, characters look pretty good and the art isn't that bad. The music is also decent. Also bad english.
Anyways, I chose to go with Ivai and here are the answers to her questions. Also the cheat is hikarunogo.


Phone Number: 085-231
Age: 18
Birthday: November 15
Favorite Video Game: Harvest Moon
Favorite Drink: Es Degan
Weight: 55 kg
Favorite Gift: Flower
Favorite Film: Serial Experimental Lain
Favorite Jewelry: Ring
Favorite Anime: Naruto and SeELa
Favorite Song: "Don't cried me" from Anima
I am not like (probably means I don't like these type of boys): Play Boy
Favorite Location: Beach
Favorite Food: Fried Fish
Favorite Books: Does not like to read
Favorite Color: Pink
Hometown?: Flower Town
Car: Does not have one
Height: 170 cm

I didn't see anything particularly special about this. Then again, I don't really play dating sims in general. Everything just seemed a bit too cheap. I wanted some more detail. I usually see some nudity a lot quicker. Yeah, I at least know something about these games.

The music wasn't bad. I'm sorry that I did not read the author's comments first. I really should do that. I'm more used to ones that are based on already established characters. Then again, we didn't need that for the most viewed thing here.

Just so everyone knows,

Press A to cook a coconut
Press S to cook fish
Press up to select food or bag
Press down to put food in the bag

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3.08 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2008
5:42 PM EST