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Edbert and Otis ep. 12

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You go, Otis (I think that's him)

It was interesting to more closely this series as it goes on. Yes, I have remembered that in every episode that bird appears to sh*t on his head. What's funny is that you can never lose with something like that. If a bird does not sh*t on your head, you're clean and if it does, you get five dollars! Now, as a Clock flash this was really cheesy, but somewhat entertaining to watch with how goofy it was. It's hard to suggest anything to improve on, because you have all you need for something truly goofy.

The voices were also really silly in how I could not make out what they were saying at all. At least there were subtitles. I...guess there could be some more detail, but you were obviously not leaning towards that. The "12" shown on the title screen has a fairly good appearance as well. I noticed how the blue play button turns purple.

i have to

i have to tell you, this was fun. i liked it. do more


Um... where to begin.

I would have liked it if the characters moved around more, at least. Stick Figures can be great characters with body language. But Edbert and Otis were just... sticks.
The "voice acting" if you can even call it that, was grating. I'd prefer a synthesized voice over that, to be honest.

The humor was subpar as well. A Bad pun, and a bird poop joke.
Also, I personally think the colors you used are far too bright. With some actual voice acting, better writing, more animation, and a smoothed out art style, you might actually be able to make this work. But right now, it's just some scribbles in paint.
Better luck with episode 13.


ok, i give u props on the stakes part, but... that was so pointless and stupid

I'll tell you what to say