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WQXR Home Of The Rape

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EDIT: oh...my...god!!!!! FRONT PAGE!! After 2 years of animating various movies and dreaming of this moment, We Did IT!! lol (this is a little exaggerrated lol) Thank You NewGrounds!!! Thank you everyone who watched the movie!!

EDIT: WOOOOO!!!! Daily 3rd!!! Finally, We got a freakin award!!! After all that suffering, We Finally Made It!! Thank you for everyone who watched & voted our my movie!! :D

Note: We did not do the voices for the animation. All voices were made by the Wicked Wicked HammerKatz. This is a sort of...tribute to them.

Jonny B, The DJ of WQXR : Home of the Rape, gets a call from a Fustrated Tourist who doesn't exsactly understand what the "Rape" is all about...

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ill rate

hey i just read that last comment..soooo
since i would of gave a 6 XD
ill give 10 just to make up for that bad rating

not good

the art wasn't very good, the animation was ok but you stole the names "WQXR" and "Johnny B" from DerrickComedy's video called "WQXR The Cool Breeze"

DWT-Productions responds:

ermmm...this WAS made by Derrick Comedy....
The Wicked Wicked Hammercats were help by derrick comedy a lot and they even said the THEY wrote it! (they sent me an email) And also, we didnt "steal" anything...we didnt record it as well, we just did the animation.
Please get fact right before you give a harsh rating on a movie.
Thanks anyway, at least you like Derrick, there awesome!!


Dude, this is what comedy is all about, making a serious subject easy to LOL about! Keep it up!

Good stuff

It was a funny flash, and an original idea too. It even made sense, which is always a plus. The conversations were sort of hard to understand though, so you might want to work on that.


nice you know if get called about things like that they always search the word up in the dictionary to win from you and feel better for them selfs so i lauched fucking hard with this animation nice flash