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House Of Mouse

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house_of_mouse is about the interactivity between a user and a digital conscious being. For some reason this is something that i've been wanting to do for a while.

I worked with the time limitation of one minute and most sounds were taken from battle royale, some more were added with the help of Tomamoto (A special tnx to him for helping out in a time of need)

Comments are very much appreciated. This was 2 months in the making so I do hope you enjoy it.

It's also best if you open the animation in 'pop up' instead of 'Watch this movie

If you know actionscript please read this blog http://fierras.newgrounds .com/news/post/67254

Thank you for the Front Page.

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Worth a second look

I was quite impressed by this and while it is in the same vein as "Animator Vs. Animation" it's still great. The reason is, that while it may be fairly short, you used a character that had a ton of depth to him instead of just a stick figure. I liked the smart aleckyness of the protagonist (if he is even supposed to be one). I think the best one was when he fooled the arrow into going through the skinny portal. The sound just made it really funny. I first thought this was going to be a parody of Disney's "House Of Mouse".


Dude, that character was awesome. Did you trace an image? and if so, how, free hand or did you let flash trace it?
Anyway, although this isn't very original(animator vs animation), it had kick ass amounts of class and style, which just made it so much better.

Fierras responds:

I filmed myself and then rotoscoped the frames that were needed for the animation.

Tnx for the review.


The animation seemed stiff

an orgamic ripoff on anemation vs animator

basicaly another rip off of animation vs creatior but still not bad

Fierras responds:

Hi likeatoad,

well there are some differences between the two.
-the 'a vs a ' world was a flash interface, 'house of mouse' was in an imaginary operating system.
-the animation character was a stick figure, the house of mouse is a 'Tron'like humanoid.
-The house of mouse character is a conscious program, the animation from 'a vs a' is a conscious animation.

The only thing that they have alike is being conscious digital beings that are trying to survive a godlike cursor. Which represents the power a user has over the objects in his/her computer.

I think that if I make a 'house_of_mouse 2' it will give me the opportunity to show that this is not a ripoff but something that stands on its own.

Also, I never intended to make something that looked like somebody elses work. I think 'animation vs animator' is a great animation but it's not like me to copy somebodies work like that.

tnx for the review.


And yet, nicely done. Gotta love the simplicity. This made me laugh.

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3.95 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2008
10:03 AM EST